Lung Cancer Alliance Unleashes 'No One Deserves To Die' Guerrilla Campaign

No One Deserves to Die

Do hipsters deserve to die? Do cat lovers? How about crazy old aunts?

An unbranded guerrilla campaign unleashed last week by the Lung Cancer Alliance certainly raised a lot of eyebrows asking just those questions. Of course, the real answer is no, these people do not deserve to die. Many people feel that some people with lung cancer may have brought it upon themselves through unhealthy lifestyle like smoking. Lung cancer is a disease, not a punishment.

When a visitor connects their Facebook account to the campaign website (be patient, it may take a couple of minutes), an infographic is created illustrating that ‘1 in 14 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer’.

The infographic is made more personal by using the profile pictures of 1 in 14 of your Facebook friends. In my case the stats showed that 56 of my friends would be diagnosed with lung cancer, of which only 8 would survive more than 5 years. Seeing familiar faces alongside this shocking statistic certainly made me stop and think.

The campaign was produced by Laughlin Constable.


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