McDonald’s Canada Gives Away Cold Hard Cash to Promotes Dollar Drink Days

McDonald's Canada Dollar Drink DaysCossette Vancouver and McDonald’s Canada came up with a ‘cool’ way to promote Dollar Drink Days in Alberta. They created an ice sculpture embedded with 4,000 loonies (Canadian dollar coins) in the shape of the golden arches logo.

The ice sculpture was reassembled in a park as part of a “beach party” with a DJ, hula hooping and limbo contests near theSylvan Lake Pier (near Red Deer, north of Calgary). People passing by needed little encouragement to start chipping away at the ice to get to the coins. Within just 5 hours the ice had melted and all 4000 coins had been claimed.

This is a great example of a unique, yet straightforward experiential brand promotion. I’m sure more than a few of those loonies found their way to the locals McDonald’s Restaurant a few blocks away.

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