McDonald's Canada Goes 'Behind the Scenes' to Show Why Food Looks Better in Ads

McDonald's 'Behind the Scenes'

It’s been interesting over the past few weeks watching the activity on the McDonald’s CanadaYour Questions‘ website. The site allows anyone to ask a question about the food served in McDonald’s restaurants in Canada. The questions range from the obvious, “Is it real meat?” to the more obscure; “How come the McLobster isn’t here in Ontario. But it sells in Nova Scotia??”.

My colleague Charles Sue Wah Sing asked the a pointed question; “There is a concern that animals are bred to reach a maximum wieght in the shortest time. At what age us your livestock put to slaughter?” The question was answered on the site in a very straightforward manner with a link to the Animal Welfare Council. (It’s 12 to 24 months, and it’s the cattle farmer’s decision to make)

One of the most other frequently asked questions about food products is “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?” To answer this question Hope Bagozzi, Director of marketing for McDonald’s Canada takes viewers ‘behind-the-scenes’ at Watt International, who have doing merchandising creative with McDonald’s Canada for 7 years.

Having worked with food stylists in the past I am familiar with techniques used to present food products in their ‘ideal’ form, as well as the photoshop touch-ups used to remove imperfections.

The campaign comes from Tribal DDB.


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