Meet the Superhumans of the London Paralympic Games

Meet the Superhuman

Forget everything you thought you knew about strength.
Forget everything you thought you knew about humans.
It’s time to do battle.
Meet the Superhumans.

‘Meet the Superhumans’ is the goosebumps inducing centrepiece of a campaign promoting Channel 4‘s broadcast of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. The video, set to Public Enemy‘s ‘Harder Than You Think’ features some of the leading UK Paralympians looking totally badass.

The video doesn’t hold back on showing the challenges that some of these athletes have had to overcome to be able to compete at this high level. Individual videos featuring more indepth profiles of several of these athletes can be found on the C4 Paralympics YouTube channel.

The video was conceived and directed by Tom Tagholm of Channel 4’s in-house agency 4creative.

Unfortunately there are some complex issues around licensing the backing track – watch an annotated version of the video here.

Channel 4 Paralympic Games – Meet The Superhuman from BasketUSA on Vimeo.


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