Mercedes-Benz Trucks Promotes Cleaner Engines with Posters Created by Nature

Mercedes-Benz Trucks - Nature Asks for it

Mercedes-Benz Trucks have gone back to nature (literally) to promote it’s new Euro 6 engine. Stencils were combined with a white canvas and placed in areas where animals would cross leaving their dirty foot and paw prints to create the letters.

The skeptic in me thinks that some of the animal scenes may have been staged (you’re thinking noooo…), but the results are pretty cool either way. How cute is the little hedgehog, huh?

The posters which read, “Choose Euro 6 and get access to environmental zones”, “Choose Euro 6 and get a $4,500 subsidy”, “Choose Euro 6 and get a discount on toll roads” followed with the tagline “Natures asks for it” were then used in an outdoor advertising campaign. A QR code on the poster linked viewers to a video showing how they were created.

The campaign was created by Amsterdam agency N=5, and the film directed by Danny van den Bersselaar for Big Shots.



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