Moby Promotes New Album with Fan-Fueled Instagram Microsite

Moby DestroyedElectronic musician Moby is promoting the release of his new album ‘Destroyed’ with a microsite by asking fans around the world to use Instagram to share photos of their city at 2am. The album release will be accompanied by a book of Moby’s photos taken while on tour.

Considering the travel across timezones, a different hotel room everynight, it’s no wonder that Moby has trouble sleeping while on tour. Taking advantage of being up, he wrote most of the album late in the evening when it seemed to him that he was the only one awake. Moby describes the album as a soundtrack for empty cities.

The site features a scrollable map of the world (using Polymaps, a cool javascript library of interactive maps) showing white dots for photos taken by Moby and black dots for photos shared by fans on Instagram using the hashtag #destroyed. The site also features a stream of the full ‘Destroyed’ album using Soundcloud, which has recently been used by mainstream artists such as Foo Fighters and Beyonce to showcase their new music.

As for the album ‘Destroyed’, if you like the music of Moby you’ll probably enjoy this. If you’re looking for anything new or were wanting to see Moby experiment this may not the album you’ve been waiting for.

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