NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Gains 100,000 New Twitter Followers During Daytona 500 Delay

Brad Keselowski TwitterThe 2012 Daytona 500 may have been delayed a day and a half by rain pushing the race to start on Monday night, but no one could have predicted what would happen late in the race. Somehow Target driver Juan Pablo Montoya suffered a mechanical failure during a yellow flag and crashed into one of the jet dryer trucks that were on track clearing away some of the rubber debris. Thankfully both Montoya and the driver of the truck were not seriously injured, but the ensuing fire caused burning jet fuel to flow across a critical section of the track resulted in an extended red flag.

What followed will surely go down as another key event in the mainstreaming of Twitter. For some reason Brad Keselowski, driver of the Miller Light Dodge was carrying his iPhone with him during the race. As the race was red flagged he took this picture of the scene out of his windshield with the message “Fire! My view”.

While track repairs went on, Keselowski continued to tweet, responding to fans and taking more pictures of other drivers, reporters and NASCAR officials. By the time the checkered flag fell for the ultimate winner Matt Kenseth, Brad who had been sidelined in a crash but was sitting just short of 200,000 Twitter followers.

Keselowski is one of the most social media savvy drivers in NASCAR, and recently featured the names of 5,000 of his Twitter followers on the bed cover of his Dodge truck during Friday night’s Camping World Truck Series race.

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