O.B. Serenades Miffed Tampon Customers With an Apology Set to Song

o.b. Tampons - we're really really sorryIn September 2010 customers of Johnson & Johnson’s O.B. tampon brand began to notice that the Ultra line of tampons had begun to mysteriously disappear from store shelves. Johnson & Johnson admitted that the Ultra has been discontinued, and blamed the manufacturing issues for the empty store shelves in Canada and the U.S. Some women called for a boycott of all Johnson & Johnson products, remaining O.B. products could be found on eBay selling for 20 times the retail price.

Distribution did eventually return to normal with most O.B. products returning to North American shelves, except for the Ultra. However, it appears now that Johnson & Johnson has reversed the decision to discontinue the Ultra and they are really sorry about the whole situation. What I mean is they are really really really really… well, you get the picture.

They are so sorry in fact, that they’ve launched a website featuring a personalized apology set to song. Enter your name, and you’ll see your name on his sheet music, written in the sky, as a tattoo on the singer’s arm and even written in roses on a sandy beach (swoooon). In some cases you’ll actually hear your name being sung as part of the song, but unfortunately it won’t work with every name. Understandably the song works with my name set as ‘Randi’ (as you can see at right) but not as ‘Randy’.

At the end of the song you can print out a coupon for a free product sample because the brand is, you know… really, really, really, really sorry.

What do you think of the campaign? Should customers be ready to forgive, laugh with the brand or will they be offended?

via Stephanie Fusco

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