Office Depot Leverages SnapTags for Back to School Contest

Office Depot - Back to School Contest uses InStore SnapTagsSpyderLynk’s 2D barcode technology SnapTag is in the news again. This time they are providing the mechanism for Office Depot’s Go Back Smarter Back to School contest.

Office Depot shoppers will find SnapTags on in-store signage for brands like Sharpie, Lexmark or PaperMate among others. It’s interesting that this promotion is not asking for shoppers to download the SnapTag at all. The instructions on the website ask shoppers to take a picture of the tag and email or text it to see if they’ve won. The shopper will receive a message back via text or email depending on how they entered. Shoppers can redeem their prizes in person or online at

Office Depot will be giving out 5,000 100 gift cards as prizes between July 24 and September 11. For people who cannot make it into a store or don’t have mobile phones they can still enter the contest online at the Go Back Smarter website.

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