Ogilvy and Sol de Janiero Educate Tattoo Artists to Spot Skin Cancer

Sol de Janiero - Skin Cancer Education

Besides doctors, tattoo artists have a opportunity to examine a person’s skin in an up close and personal way. With that in mind, ad agency Ogilvy Brazil and sun-screen brand Sol de Janeiro partnered together to recruit tattoo artists from across Brazil to training and lectures given by a trained oncologist.

With it’s sunny beaches and outdoor lifestyle, skin cancer is the most common type of Cancer in Brazil, with over 180,000 cases diagnosed annually.

The artists were taught to spot signs of skin cancer using the “ABCD” rule: Asymmetry, Border Irregularity, Colour and Diameter. If any irregularities were spotted, the artists were instructed ask their customer to seek out a dermatologist.

[via Creativity-Online]


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