Bicycle Designed to Demonstrate the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Grey Australia has come up ‘This Bike has MS’, a unique campaign to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and promote the upcoming MS Melbourne Cycle charity race.

The agency partnered with Paralympian cyclist Carol Cooke, and a team consisting of neurologists, physiotherapists, a team of bike-building experts from Mottainai Cycles and people with MS to create a bicycle that when ridden, demonstrates symptoms of the disease.

The bike was constructed using heavier-than-usual materials, the frame and forks have unusual bends that unbalances the rider, teeth have been purposely removed from the sprockets to make changing gears unpredictable, and ball bearings have been placed under the handlebar tape to create an uncomfortable grip.

This bike has multiple sclerosis

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Samsung’s Dunbar Edge Experiment asks, which Facebook friends can you really count on?

Robin Dunbar, professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University is well-known for his theory that, even in the age of Facebook, the number of people that a person can naturally have a personal relationship with tops out around 150. He further theorizes that 15 out of this group are seen as close friends and only 5 of these are people you feel you can truly rely on.

Samsung Sweden puts this theory to the test with the Dunbar Edge Experiment. Professor Dunbar asks you to consider which of your Facebook friends who can help you out of 5 different scenarios.

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

The product connection is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE allows you to access your five most important contacts from the edge of the device’s screen. In the end, you may be facing the harsh realization that you need to connect with a more reliable group of friends.

The site was created by DDB Stockholm.

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WTF? Kids Swear Up a Storm in Smart ForFour Ad

As the saying goes, “kids say the darndest things”, and this ad created by BBDO Berlin for the smart forfour certainly proves that correct. The rationale behind the ad is that if you drive a smart forfour you’re less likely to be suffering from the road rage that produces the bad language that your kids will undoubtedly pick up on.

Agency: BBDO Berlin
Client: Smart (Daimler AG)


Christie Brinkley reprises Vacation’s ‘Blond in a Red Convertible’ role for Infiniti

There’s no Family Truckster or Chevy Chase in this ad for Infiniti QX60, but that doesn’t stop a seemingly timeless Christie Brinkle – reprising her role from 1981’s National Lampoon’s Vacation , from turning the head of the driver.

At the wheel of the SUV is another actor with a connection to the Vacation movies; Ethan Embry, who played Rusty Griswold in Vegas Vacation. Fans of the first Vacation movie will remember Rusty was played by Anthony Michael Hall.

Agency: CP+B
Client: Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.

United States

UNO NYC Music App Only Streams While Users are on the Williamsburgh Bridge


Created by agency Sid Lee in partnership with designer Eric Hu, the W.B.B.R. app streams music curated by electronic dance label UNO NYC.

But you can’t just listen to the app anywhere, the app only streams music while you are on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, playing an upbeat track while and a more chilled track while going down. New tracks will be added daily from the roster of UNO artists including Mykki Blanco, Feral, Dutch E. Germ and Gobby.

Agency: Sid Lee

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