T3 Creates Hands-Free Tinder App for the Apple Watch

Because swiping left or right is for suckers (just kidding), Austin-based agency T3 has come up with a way to create Tinder matches without using your hands. All you need is a heartbeat.

The Apple Watch detects the user’s heartbeat and attempts to find a matching heartbeat among other Tinder users. Of course, the other users would have to be using the app on their Apple Watch, which may be few and far between based on recent sales reports of the device.

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Agency: T3

United States

Burger King Lures Tattooed Big Mac Lovers to Brazil for a Big Surprise

To promote their new “Big King” burger, Burger King sought out Big Mac fans from around the world who expressed their love for the burger so much they had gotten it tattooed into their skin.

Five of these fans were invited to Brazil to experience the new burger, but they also ended up with a surprise visit from tattoo artist and star of Miami Ink, Ami James. James offered the five a touch-up on their Big Mac burger tattoos to include grill marks reminiscent of the flame-broiled Big King.

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Agency: DAVID, São Paulo, Brazil
Brand: Burger King


Alibaba Partners with Shanghai YTO Express for Tea Delivery by Drone

Call it a test, a trial, or maybe more accurately just a marketing stunt. This week Alibaba conducted a 3-day trial giving 450 customers a chance to have their goods delivered by remote-control drone. The e-commerce company’s online marketplace TaoBao, partnered with logistics company Shanghai YTO Express to deliver packages of ginger tea to customers within a limited radius of their distribution sites.

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