Perrier Wants You to Make This Party Hotter

Perrier Le ClubPerrier wants you to join them at LE CLUB on their YouTube page, and the more people that show up the hotter things will get. The campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather Paris features a series of videos that get progressively hotter until the club is literally melting. Each of the six videos becomes unlocked based on the amount of views.

You may find yourself with a winning ticket to the real-life Perrier Melting Party in New York on September 20 by liking Perrier’s Facebook page. The seventh and hottest video will be revealed at the party.

Ogilvy has also created a specific mobile experience on Apple iAD in France. Instead of waiting for the videos online the user must pass different challenges at the end of each video to move on to the next ‘hotter’ level.

Viewers will be able to unlock new clips by beating a challenge such as shaking or tapping their iPhones at the end of each video

Music is Break Me by Babe Youth (thank you Shazam!)

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