‘Piss Off’ Game Rewards Dutch Dudes for Peeing in the Right Pot

Waternet launches Piss Off game in AmsterdamI’m not sure I can call it a trend, but this is the second ‘pee-related’ campaign I’ve posted about this week. (warning: video embedded above semi-discreetly shows Dutch guys peeing)

Koninginnedag is Queen’s Day, a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrating Queen Beatrix. The Dutch people gather together dressed in bright orange, to party in the streets, squares and even on boats in the canals. The problem is with all that alcohol intake, the guys are looking for somewhere close by to relieve themselves, and the canal conveniently fits that bill.

In an effort to keep the canals clean Dutch water supplier Waternet launched ‘Pot Je Pissen’ (Piss Off), a game that rewards those free-peeing gentlemen for using the proper facilities. The game was powered by flow detectors that were installed in each of the urinal stations, and a large digital screen displayed teh results. Whichever guy could pee the most would win the game and earn their water taxes back as a bonus.

I can’t close this post without commenting on those plastic urinal station setups located just steps away from people passing by seem very public. I’ve never been to Amsterdam so maybe that’s the norm at these festivals, and anything is better than having guys pee in the alley and canals. I assume there’s more private facilities nearby for the ladies to use.

The ‘Pot Je Pissen’ campaign comes from the creative folk at Achtung!


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