Pop-Up Store in Copenhagen Trades Chocolates for Good Deeds

Anton Berg Chocolatier - The Generous ShopWhen Danish chocolate maker Anthon Berg set up ‘The Generous Store’, a special one-day-only pop up store on the Købmagergade pedestrian mall in the center of Copenhagen, they weren’t looking to make a quick buck from the shoppers passing by. In fact, they weren’t asking people for money at all.

All a customer needed to do to take home a box of chocolates was to promise to do a good deed for a good friend. Each box came with one of 33 good deeds such as “Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week”, “Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one”, or even “Talk Nicely to Your Mother for a Week”.

Customers were asked to publish their promise directly to their friend on Facebook via one of the in-store iPads as their form of payment.

The store staff ensured the helped customers communicate their promises to their friend on Facebook using

The Generous Store was created by Copenhagen’s Robert/Boisen & Like-minded.

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