Rafa Nadal Goes Undercover to Test Bluffing Skills for PokerStars.com

PokerStars.com - Rafa Nadal

Tennis star Rafa Nadal, owner of 11 Grand Slam titles, including seven French Opens, and is one of the most recognizable sports celebrities in the world and particularly in his home country.

While Nadal is a superstar on the tennis court, when it comes to the poker table he’s a newbie like anyone else, so he’s teamed up with PokerStars.com and poker pro Isaac Mayolas to learn the finer points of the game. As part of the Pokerstars promo Nadal went undercover in the pro shop at the Vall D’Or Golf Club in Majorca to test out his bluffing skills. A pair of awkward glasses and shirt embroidered with the name ‘Tony’ is not enough to fool any of the customers.

Visitors to PokerStars.com can compete to win a Rafa Dream Day in Majorca and challenge Nadal’s newly acquired poker skills.


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