Red Stripe Hires Designers to Create Incredible Sound Sculpture Using 5000 Beer Cans

Red Stripe Sound SculptureRed Stripe Lager UK commissioned sound artist Yuri Suzuki and designer Mathew Kneebone to create a sound sculpture as the first project in the ‘Make Something From Nothing’ campaign. The 2.5 metre tall sound sculpture is constructed from thousands of Red Stripe cans that were partly collected at the Notting Hill Festival back in August. The video above shows the sound sculpture being demonstrated by DJ Al Fingers, singer/songwriter Gappy Ranks.

Yuri’s sound sculpture is inspired by the DIY spirit of the Jamaican DJs of Red Stripe’s homeland, who first created portable sound systems (a generator, turntables and massive speakers) in the late 1950s. They would load the systems onto trucks and drove to street parties. These DJs began playing American R&B records, but soon began producing their own recordings of local Jamaican music which eventually evolved into ska, reggae and dub, making them an essential part of music history.

The Red Stripe sound sculpture was unveiled at the ‘Make Something From Nothing’ launch event in London’s Village Underground on November 16.

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