Rethink Cancer Launches ‘Your Man Reminder’ Mobile App

Rethink Breast Cancer - Your Man Reminder AppOctober is breast cancer awareness month, and the folks at Rethink Breast Cancer have launched a new mobile app to help remind young women to be breast cancer aware. The app created by Toronto ad agency John St and developed by Endloop Studios offers women a choice of 6 hot guys who will pop-up regularly (you can set the time, day, etc.) with a reminder to give your breasts some TLC.


  • TOUCH your breasts. Feel anything unusual?
  • LOOK for changes. Be aware of their shape or texture.
  • CHECK anything unusual with your doctor.

Oh, and make sure you watch the whole video above, you wouldn’t want to miss the guys getting down with some serious dance moves.

The ‘Your Man Reminder’ app can be downloaded for free now in the Apple App store. An Android version should be out later in October.

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