Rob Zombie Directs ‘Clothes Torturer’ Woolite Commercial

Don’t run off and check your calendar after watching this commercial for Woolite, it’s not quite Halloween yet.
Rob Zombie directs Woolite Commercial

The Woolite commercial above was directed by Rob Zombie. (insert dramatic pause followed by blood curdling scream here) Yes ‘that’ Rob Zombie, Dragula driver, rock musician and director of movies like House of a Thousand Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and the remake of Halloween. Zombie brings his dark, twisted vision to the laundry detergent brand courtesy of the New York office of Euro RSCG Worldwide.

In a recent NY Times article, Jiri Kulik, of Reckitt Benckiser said,

After “some of the consumers in our focus groups described what their clothes go through with laundry detergent like a ‘torture,’ we got this crazy idea of the washing machine like a torture chamber for your clothes, and then we describe Woolite as the savior.”

No mention in the ad of how well Woolite gets bloodstains out of your delicate laundry items, so make sure you check your labels.

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