San Diego Beer Lovers Captured in Newcastle Brown Ale Optical Illusion

Newcastle Brown Ale - Trapped in a SchoonerThere are a lot worse places to be trapped than in a giant glass of Newcastle Brown Ale, and during opening weekend at San Diego’s Del Mar Race Track, lucky horse racing fans were able to experience just that. OK, well maybe they were not exactly trapped in a glass of beer, but if you viewed things from just the right angle it sure looked like they were.

San Diego ad agency Vitro created a unique installation for this Newcastle Brown Ale campaign using three strategically-placed pieces of a life-sized version of a Geordie Schooner to creating the optical illusion. The glass, known now as a Geordie Schooner was originally called a Wellington glass. It became so popular in the city of Newcastle that it became known as the ‘Geordie’, a nickname for the local residents of the northeast British city.

People who checked-in using Foursquare at the installation or posted pictures to their social networks received Newcastle Brown Ale tshirts and other merchandise. As you can see in the video above, there were no shortage of people volunteering to pose within the installation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling thirsty for some reason.

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