Scotch Brite asks São Paulo diners, “Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Wash the Dishes”

Scotch Brite - Don't Want to Pay the Bill? Wash the DishesHow do you create a fun experiential campaign to promote a dish washing sponge to an audience in their 20s? Buy them dinner.

3M’s Scotch Brite may be the #1 sponge brand in Brazil, but there was little awareness among the younger audience. For one week Scotch Brite teamed up with São Paulo restaurants that were frequented by the target market.

When the bill arrived, the diners were presented with an intriguing offer. Instead of a bill, the waitress passed them a Scotch Brite sponge with the message; “Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Wash the Dishes”.

As explained in the video, for a relatively small investment and using the element of an unexpected surprise, Scotch Brite created a ‘try-it-yourself’ experience worth talking about.

The ‘Wash Your Bill’ campaign was created by Grey 141’s office in São Paulo.


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