Share Your Breakfast Pictures and Help Fight Hunger

Kellogg's Share Your BreakfastFor the social media naysayers who’ve been quick with the “I don’t care what people have for breakfast” statement, Kellogg’s new campaign Share Your Breakfast will make them nuts.

But everyone eats breakfast, so maybe they won’t mind eating their words for a good cause – hopefully with a large bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes – and what the heck, throw in a side of bacon too.

Kellogg’s wants Americans to share pictures of their breakfasts at as part of National Breakfast Day (March 8), a day created to raise awareness of how important it is, especially for children, to start the day with a nutritious healthy breakfast.

With every breakfast image uploaded, Kellogg’s will donate one breakfast to a child in need, with a goal is to reach one million shared breakfasts. If you’ve already eaten breakfast there’s no need to worry, you can simply text a description of your meal with the word SHARE.

One of the interesting areas of the site is the Discover section. Here you can select a breakfast food and see which States shared that food as part of their breakfast. You can then roll over each State to get the exact percentage.

The good people of Wyoming and Maine are leading the nation in bacon as part of their breakfast, while it looks like North Dakota and Mississippi folks love their yogurt first thing in the morning.

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