Speedo Wants to Know About Your Most Unforgettable Swim

Speedo Unforgettable Swims
I think everyone must have that one unforgettable swimming experience. It could be that awesome ocean swim, diving head first into the crashing waves as you against the force of the water move over you. Or, it may have been that first successful dog paddle when you realized that you weren’t actually going to sink to the bottom of the pool.

This month Speedo has launched a campaign to remind everyone of our special swimming experiences with ‘Unforgettable Swins’. The site allows users to browse the stories of others or contribute their own. The site is available in English, French and German and features its own dedicated Facebook page.

Although I’d question the value of creating a campaign specific Facebook page, but it may make sense based on the various country-specific pages. Speedo swimsuits are integrated well amongst the stories and link directly to their online store.

The stories include;

  • Victoria, an Australian now living in London recalling her family’s traditional Christmas day at the beach. She’s now found a new Christmas tradition, swimming at London Fields, a large heated outdoor pool, on Christmas Eve.
  • Jane, a New Yorker who had dedicated her life to teaching others to swim, including disadvantaged children from throughout the boroughs.

I really like the site, it has a clean design without being too slick. The mosaic of images and story titles are inviting and the featured products are tied in nicely. I like how the site is focussed on the experience and freedom of swimming and away from a hard product sell.

The campaign was created by Iris London.

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