Spring Is Here and So Is TwestivalTO

TwestivalTOI’ve always been amused by people who ask me if ever have time to meet people in real life. I think they believe that most of us who are heavy users of social networks spend our days and nights typing away in dark basements, ordering in food and reveling in our dark gloomy virtual lives.

Nothing could be further from the truth of course and social networks, especially Twitter have allowed people to connect and share interests like never before. I attended my first Tweetup in October of 2009, a second one in November, then my first Twestival in February of 2009. In 3 months I had met more people in the Toronto creative and tech industry than I had met in the previous 15 years of conferences and industry meetups. Since then these people have become close friends, drinking pals, colleagues and coworkers.

These events are a perfect chance to meet your online friends in real life and support great causes, and Toronto is blessed with people who are willing to step up, organize, sponsor and volunteer to make these events. Other events to consider are Sprouter’s SproutUp, Third Tuesday, GenYTO, Patio Fridays, the Gladstone Hotel’s monthly Tweetgasm meetup, Democamp and Podcamp. Some events are hanging our for food and a drink, while others feature guest speakers and panel discussions.

This Thursday, marks the third Twestival Local to be held in Toronto. It’s all happening March 24 from 7pm to 1am at The Fifth located at 225 Richmond Street West in the Entertainment District of Downtown Toronto. The fundraising goal is $25,000 and as of today they are almost halfway there.

This year the proceeds will go to benefit the REMIX Project, a collection of programs which seeks to help introduce young people from disadvantages, marginalized or under served communities who are seeking to enter into creative industries or further their formal education. Check out this series of success stories.

Sponsors who’ve stepped up to support TwestivalTO include Creative Niche, Rogers, Evoke Salon, Hill & Knowlton, GlobalLink Imaging and MarketWire/Sysomos.

It’s not too late to come out and support this great cause too, purchase your $20 tickets today.

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