Sprite Ad Features Models that are Literally Blended Into the Background

Sprite Camouflage

Shot on the streets of Prague, this new ad for Sprite is surely inspired by the amazing work of Chinese urban camouflage artist Liu Bolin. Liu paints his models so that they literally disappear against their complex backgrounds.

The make-up crew involved in this ad shoot did an incredible job matching his style. The models are positioned against trees, brick walls, and advertising. One amazing scene features a model seated on a park bench with the background elements seamlessly painted onto his back, he only becomes truly visible when the actor walks behind him, revealing his silhouette. Watch the full ad and a ‘making of’ video below.

Jordan Kramer, copywriter at BBH New York explained, “The basic concept behind this ad is we are using camouflage as a metaphor for kind of blending into your environment, not standing out, not expressing yourself in your own way.”

While the concept is a more than a little obvious, the execution is mind-blowing.

The Camouflage ad is a creative collaboration between the offices of BBH Shanghai/BBH New York. The spot was directed by Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous.



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