St. John Ambulance Promotes First Aid Training with Dramatic 'Helpless' Ad

St. John Ambulance - Helpless

First aid training organization, St. John Ambulance has launched a dramatic new ad in the UK, with a short film titled ‘Helpless’. The video follows the story of a man’s battle with cancer from diagnosis through to recovery, but there’s a unexpected ending to the ad.

Why Cancer? Over 140,000 people die each year from cancer, the same number of deaths that could be prevented with proper first aid training. More information can be found on the St. John Ambulance website.

A statement on the website reads:

“The main reasons people do not learn first aid are because they think it is too time consuming or it is simply not a priority for them. 41% admit that it would take something as severe as the death of a loved one to make them learn first aid.”

Have you taken a first-aid course? Courses across Canada are listed on the St. John Ambulance Canada website.

The haunting music in the film is ‘I’m in Here’ by Australian artist Sia.

The ad was created by BBH London, and directed by Benito Montorio of Blink.


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