Stop-Action Music Video Shot Uses 288,000 Jelly Beans… and a Lot of Patience

SKina Grannis - In Your Arms - 288,000 jelly beans used to create stop-action music videoinger-songwriter Kina Grannis has spent a good part of the last 22 months suspended over a series of ever-changing backgrounds made entirely of jellybeans… 288,000 thousand jellybeans to be exact. Grannis even had her entire body covered in jellybeans for a few key scenes (which is safer than being covered bees and way more delicious).

It’s all part of her latest video project for the track ‘In Your Arms’ (watch it here). Gannis worked with director Greg Jardin and a team of 30 people created the video in 1,357 hours over a 22 month period. No matter how involved you imagine the production process was to create the 2,460 stop-action frames, you’ll still be awestruck when you watch the ‘Making Of…’ video that I’ve embedded above, and maybe a little hungry for something sweet. And yes, the 288,000 jelly beans were all donated by Jelly Belly.

Kina Grannis is no stranger to using YouTube to promote her music, the first video she posted back in 2007; ‘Message From Your Heart’ won her a spot in the Dorito’s Crash the Superbowl contest. Since then she’s posted over 200 videos to her YouTube channel, which have seen almost 80,000,000 million views.

You can keep up to date on Kina Grannis on Twitter or on her Facebook page.

via Laughing Squid

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