Swedish Health Board Unleashes ‘Sneeze Box’ to Promote Flu Vaccinnations

Goteborg Sneeze BoxTo help spread the message (no pun intended) about the importance of flu vaccinations to the citizens of Göteborg; Primärvården, the West Sweden health board decided to sneeze on them. Thankfully not in person, but virtually.

The health board created a ‘sneeze booth’ and took in to major shopping malls where shoppers were invited behind the curtain to try their luck. Once behind the curtain people found themselves staring at a recording of a very ‘sick’ looking actor. The actor prompted the viewers to press the yellow button. Once the users pressed the button, an epic and very messy sneeze was unleashed onto the screen followed by the message, ‘Next Time it Could Be Real. Get Vaccinated for Influenza’. The reactions of visitors were captured on camera and could be uploaded to http://hurmarduidag.se.

Did it work? Traffic increased to the site by 2000% during the week that the Sneeze Box was in town. Over 2500 citizens vaccinated themselves, and over 600 people uploaded their “sneeze reaction” movies to the campaign site.

The campaign was created by Göteborg, Sweden agency SCP/Grey.

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