Bicycle Designed to Demonstrate the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Grey Australia has come up ‘This Bike has MS’, a unique campaign to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and promote the upcoming MS Melbourne Cycle charity race.

The agency partnered with Paralympian cyclist Carol Cooke, and a team consisting of neurologists, physiotherapists, a team of bike-building experts from Mottainai Cycles and people with MS to create a bicycle that when ridden, demonstrates symptoms of the disease.

The bike was constructed using heavier-than-usual materials, the frame and forks have unusual bends that unbalances the rider, teeth have been purposely removed from the sprockets to make changing gears unpredictable, and ball bearings have been placed under the handlebar tape to create an uncomfortable grip.

This bike has multiple sclerosis

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Pizza Hut Celebrates Australia Day with Vegemite Stuffed Crust Pizza

Just in time for Australia Day on January 26, Pizza Hut is introducing the Mitey Stuffed Crust, a pizza with crust stuffed with melted cheese and vegemite.

Vegemite is the popular food product made from yeast extract and various vegetable and spices, and is a staple in Australia. But as seen from the reactions of backpackers in the video, it’s definitely an acquired taste.

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Massive Christmas Tree Built with Lego Products Lights Up Sydney Mall

Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, Australia is the location of a giant Christmas tree specially constructed with a combination of Lego and Duplo bricks. The tree which stands at nearly 33 feet tall weighs 3.5 tons and took 1,200 hours to complete.

The display also features a pile of gifts, a koala and Santa Claus standing along side a surfboard all built from Lego.

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Jack Daniel’s Uses Holograms to Bring Friends and Family Together for the Holidays

Back in October, Arnold Furnace, ad agency for Jack Daniel’s Australia were on the search for people to participate in a special holiday experience. The high-tech concept involved using a hologram to reunite friends and family who hadn’t seen each other for a very long time.

In the campaign video we meet three Australians who have been living abroad for several years including; Shannon, a photographer living in Hamilton, Adam from Oslo, and Darius from Berlin. Meanwhile, back in Australia their friends and family eagerly await to be reunited by hologram. The results will have you smiling.

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Animals Australia Scores 90 Million Views with ‘People Being Awesome’ Clip

With zero budget and no dedicated marketing team, Animals Australia has scored a major viral hit with ‘People Being Awesome’, a montage of YouTube clips showing people helping save ducks. The clip looks to raise awareness and collect support for a ban on duck hunting in the province of Victoria.

The clip, uploaded directly to Facebook has been scored an incredible 92 million views, 1,963,763 shares and liked 785,000 likes since being posted to their Facebook page on November 16.

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