Guinness ‘Empty Chair Ad Stirs Emotions on US Independence Day

Guinness "Empty Table"

Until the announcer breaks in at 1:22, not a word is spoken in this 90 second Guinness ad, released just in time for US Independence Day.

Each evening the bartender pours a Guinness and places it in the center of a table in the bar. It’s not clear whether the beer is there in memory of someone who died, or placed there as a beacon of hope until someone returns. Great stuff, and I’m not just talking about the beer.

The ad was created by BBDO, New York, and was directed by Noam Munro for Biscuit Filmworks.

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United States

Budweiser UK Launches Knitbot, a Twitter-Powered Sweater Knitting Machine

Budweiser Knitbot

It looks like this year big brands have discovered the lowly holiday sweater, and have made it a part of their marketing campaigns leading up to Christmas. First out was Coke Zero’s Sweater Generator contest, where fans could create a mockup of a holiday sweater using the online tool. The 100 sweaters with the most votes will be produced and awarded to their creators just in time for the holidays.

Budweiser UK has launched a seasonal sweater-themed promotion in support of designated drivers. The brand is using Knitbot, a Twitter-powered knitting machine that responds to tweets that include the hashtag #jumpers4des.

The Knitbot will work around-the-clock for 10 days (November 26 to December 10) creating the red sweaters that include images of the Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdale horses. On December 11, designated drivers in the UK can apply on the Budweiser UK Facebook page for a chance to win one of the creations.

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Beer-brand Sol Tempts London Business Blokes with Necktie Recycling Bin

Sol Beer - Necktie Recycling Bin

In this stunt for Sol beer, London businessmen passing through Canary Wharf underground station do a double-take as they pass by a recycling bin labelled ‘Ties’. The bin featured the message, “Lose the Tie, gain some Espiritu Libre”. After depositing their tie in the bin, the sound of hammering and sawing could be heard from inside, before what was left of their tie appeared attached to a coupon for a free beer.

In The Drum article Graham Wall, executive creative director at The Marketing Store, stated: “The tie can be a symbol of power and success, but it can also be seen as a shackle, part of the daily grind. We wanted to give office workers back a sense of their true selves – to make bold choices and be rewarded for it. The Espiritu Libre activity brings out that free spirited sense of liberation that every bogged-down city worker has in his heart.”

The campaign was created by the London offices of The Marketing Store.

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Budweiser Seeks Name for Clydesdale Foal Featured in 2013 Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad - Brotherhood

UPDATE FEB 4: AFter getting more than 6o,ooo suggestions, Budweiser revealed the foal would be named ‘Hope’.

The star of Budweiser’s tear-inducing 2013 Super Bowl ad titled ‘Brotherhood’ was still only 7 days old when the opening scene was filmed. Budweiser is asking their Twitter and Facebook followers to help name the latest addition to their iconic Clydesdale team, with the name revealed on the Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Some of the names include Brew, Comet, Skywalker, Cheers, Suds, Clydus and Sprunky Brewster. As of this morning over 11,000 people had contributed names on the Facebook post.

The connection between Budweiser and the Clydedales began on April 7, 1933, when six-horse hitches of champion Clydesdales were given a gift from August A. Busch, Jr. and Adolphus Busch to their father to celebrate the repeal of prohibition. Since then, the horses have been featured in over 125 Budweiser TV commercials, including 22 in the Super Bowl alone. Brotherhood will be the 23rd appearance of the team.


New Guinness 'Made of More' Ad Features the Adventures of a Curious Cloud

Guinness: Made of More - Cloud

A new creative campaign from Guinness entitled ‘Made of More’, features the adventures of curious cloud who breaks away from being controlled by the natural forces around it. The cloud explores the city, sees it’s reflection in an office tower, has fun interacting with power lines and traffic lights, before bravely helps firefighters bring a burning building under control.

It’s a beautiful inspiring production, but there seems little, if anything in the ad tying the creative to a beer. It’s not until the end that we see the traditional product shot of a dark pint of Guinness, along with the campaign tagline, ‘Made of More.

The ad creative comes from AMV BBDO and was directed by Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous. Thwaites also directed a recent Sprite ad that camouflaged the actors until they disappeared into the background.