Billboard in Brazil Attracts and Kills Virus-Carrying Mosquitos

Mosquito Killing Billboard

A billboard on the streets of Rio de Janeiro is not meant to attract the eyeballs of people passing by, but to attract and kill millions of mosquitoes, which could be carrying Zika or other dangerous viruses.

The billboard was designed by Posterscope and Brazilian ad agency NBS, who have released the technical specs online for free under a Creative Commons license, with hopes that others will build their own devices.

The billboard can attract mosquitoes from 2.5 kilometers away by emitting a lactic-laced mist combined with CO2, that mimics human odor, sweat and breath. Once inside the sign, the insects are trapped, become hydrated and eventually die.

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Burger King Lures Tattooed Big Mac Lovers to Brazil for a Big Surprise

To promote their new “Big King” burger, Burger King sought out Big Mac fans from around the world who expressed their love for the burger so much they had gotten it tattooed into their skin.

Five of these fans were invited to Brazil to experience the new burger, but they also ended up with a surprise visit from tattoo artist and star of Miami Ink, Ami James. James offered the five a touch-up on their Big Mac burger tattoos to include grill marks reminiscent of the flame-broiled Big King.

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Agency: DAVID, São Paulo, Brazil
Brand: Burger King


Sao Paulo Clothing Store Uses Mannequins Drones to Advertise Black Friday Deals

You may find this advertising initiative a bit creepy, innovative or both, depending on how your feel about headless mannequins floating outside your high-rise office window.

Camisaria Colombo, a famous Brazilian shirt store wanted to advertise their Black Friday deals to businessmen who don’t have time to leave their offices.

Sao Paulo agency Salles Chemistri had the answer: replace the heads of lightweight mannequins with helicopter drones and fly them up to the windows of office buildings in the city’s business district.

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Ogilvy and Sol de Janiero Educate Tattoo Artists to Spot Skin Cancer

Sol de Janiero - Skin Cancer Education

Besides doctors, tattoo artists have a opportunity to examine a person’s skin in an up close and personal way. With that in mind, ad agency Ogilvy Brazil and sun-screen brand Sol de Janeiro partnered together to recruit tattoo artists from across Brazil to training and lectures given by a trained oncologist.

With it’s sunny beaches and outdoor lifestyle, skin cancer is the most common type of Cancer in Brazil, with over 180,000 cases diagnosed annually.

The artists were taught to spot signs of skin cancer using the “ABCD” rule: Asymmetry, Border Irregularity, Colour and Diameter. If any irregularities were spotted, the artists were instructed ask their customer to seek out a dermatologist.

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Tramontina’s Barbeque Bible Transforms Itself Into Useful BBQ Tools

Tramontina: The Barbecue Bible

Tramontina is a Brazilian brand that has a complete line of products for the barbeque. To demonstrate that the brand knows everything about creating the perfect barbecue experience, agency JWT Brazil created a special interactive book, “The Bible of Barbecue”. The book isn’t simply a set of cooking instructions or recipes, the individual pages can be used as actual tools throughout the barbecue process.

One page can be broken apart and used as charcoal, while another is made of material that can be used to sharpen your (Tramontina) knife. Other pages can be used as a cutting board, unfolded as an apron or used as a serving tray.

A limited number (I’m thinking “very” limited) of The Bible of Barbecue has been sent to master barbecue chefs in Brazil, while a simplified version is planned for the public.

Based on my experience at mastering the barbecue, it would ideal if one page turned into a fire extinguisher.

[via Gute Werbung]