Burger King Lures Tattooed Big Mac Lovers to Brazil for a Big Surprise

To promote their new “Big King” burger, Burger King sought out Big Mac fans from around the world who expressed their love for the burger so much they had gotten it tattooed into their skin.

Five of these fans were invited to Brazil to experience the new burger, but they also ended up with a surprise visit from tattoo artist and star of Miami Ink, Ami James. James offered the five a touch-up on their Big Mac burger tattoos to include grill marks reminiscent of the flame-broiled Big King.

via Meio & Mensagem

Agency: DAVID, São Paulo, Brazil
Brand: Burger King


Hungry, and Have Five Minutes? Watch and Win a Whopper

This is a couch-potatoes dream. If you have DirectTV CH 111 and at least 5 minutes of undivided attention you can earn a free Whopper simply by watching a juicy burger slowly rotate on your TV. If you want two burgers, go double or nothing and watch for an additional ten minutes. Feeling extra hungry, go for it and watch for another 15 minutes and you’ll get three burgers.

Burger King Whopper LustBut don’t think you can simply walk away and return five minutes later to claim your prize. Every 30 seconds or so the screen prompts the user to click a random button on their remote control.

The only drawback here (besides wasting your time staring at your TV) is the method for receiving a coupon. Once you have earned your free Whopper you must agree to share your address with Burger King who will then mail you… yes, I said mail, as in a printed coupon delivered to your door.

A missed opportunity for mobile

This would have been a great opportunity for a mobile experience. At the end of each segment a unique code could appear (or a visual ID such as a QR code), which the viewer could then text to a shortcode associated with the campaign. The coupon could then be returned to the user by SMS and then scanned at a nearby Burger King restaurant.

Digital Buzz reports that Burger King have already given away over 50,000 burgers this week. Considering they have to physically mail the coupons, using a mobile solution for instant redemption would have saved a lot of postage charges.

Or, How about some Rotisserie Chicken?

Swiss Chalet has had a similar channel takeover running in Canada on Rogers Cable CH 208 called the Rotisserie Channel. Promotional codes are supposed to appear on the screen every so often, however the only message I see directs me to the Facebook page for details on current promotions.

Did I mention I was getting hungry? And, if someone knows of an effective solution to replace all those takeout brochures laying around my place please let me know.