Budweiser Goes Back to the Lab for 2015 Super Bowl Ad ‘Lost Dog’

Budweiser has released their 2015 Super Bowl, ad and as expected they’ve revisited last year’s well received “Puppy Love” ad. In this effort, directed by RSA’s Jake Scott, the wayward pup gets lost after stowing away inside a horse trailer headed for the city.

The familiar music in the ad is a slowed-down version of ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by the Proclaimers, performed by Chicago-based Sleeping at Last.

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Budweiser Seeks Name for Clydesdale Foal Featured in 2013 Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad - Brotherhood

UPDATE FEB 4: AFter getting more than 6o,ooo suggestions, Budweiser revealed the foal would be named ‘Hope’.

The star of Budweiser’s tear-inducing 2013 Super Bowl ad titled ‘Brotherhood’ was still only 7 days old when the opening scene was filmed. Budweiser is asking their Twitter and Facebook followers to help name the latest addition to their iconic Clydesdale team, with the name revealed on the Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Some of the names include Brew, Comet, Skywalker, Cheers, Suds, Clydus and Sprunky Brewster. As of this morning over 11,000 people had contributed names on the Facebook post.

The connection between Budweiser and the Clydedales began on April 7, 1933, when six-horse hitches of champion Clydesdales were given a gift from August A. Busch, Jr. and Adolphus Busch to their father to celebrate the repeal of prohibition. Since then, the horses have been featured in over 125 Budweiser TV commercials, including 22 in the Super Bowl alone. Brotherhood will be the 23rd appearance of the team.