Christie Brinkley reprises Vacation’s ‘Blond in a Red Convertible’ role for Infiniti

There’s no Family Truckster or Chevy Chase in this ad for Infiniti QX60, but that doesn’t stop a seemingly timeless Christie Brinkle – reprising her role from 1981’s National Lampoon’s Vacation , from turning the head of the driver.

At the wheel of the SUV is another actor with a connection to the Vacation movies; Ethan Embry, who played Rusty Griswold in Vegas Vacation. Fans of the first Vacation movie will remember Rusty was played by Anthony Michael Hall.

Agency: CP+B
Client: Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.

United States

JELL-O Leverages #FML Tweets For “Fun My Life” Pudding Giveaway

JELL-O #FMLThere can be no denying that life can be tough sometimes. So, when the going gets tough, it’s time to jump onto Twitter and let everyone know just how tough things are. But don’t forget to include the #FML hashtag.

For those social media neophytes, the acronym FML stands for “Fuck my Life”, and at current count there has been nearly 60,000 #FML tweets in just the past nine days.

But, ad agency CP+B is helping JELL-O to reach out and turn those #FML frowns upside down. They’re reaching out on Twitter to “Fun My Life”, giving away coffee, free music, movies, whoopie cushions and of course, a generous helping of packs of Jell-o pudding. Check out the tweets and responses at

Last summer CP+B and JELL-O, monitored Twitter for tweets using the happy and sad face emoticons. When the number of sad faces overtook the happy faces they gave away free pudding to help improve the nation’s mood.