Air Wick Brings the Scents of Home to Deployed Soldier

U.S. serviceman Kearen Feller, has been stationed at Qatar Air Force Base and hasn’t been home for 11 months. To help remind Kearen’s of home, Air Wick collected scents from around the Feller’s family home, including a baseball glove, apple pie and the family living room and embedded them into candles.

Agency Droga5 is behind the creative.

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Under Armour Launch New Campaign With Inspiring Clip of Ballet Soloist Misty Copeland

Under Armour - I Will What I Want - Misty Copeland

In a newly-launched campaign for “I Will What I Want“, Under Armour’s a digital community targeted at athletic women, the brand is featuring Misty Copeland, a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre.

As she rises onto her toes, her calf and thigh muscles tightening, a young actor reads a voice over, “Thank you for your application to our ballet academy. Unfortunately you have not been accepted. You lack the right feet, Achilles tendons, turnout, torso length and bust. You have the wrong body for ballet. And at 13, you are too old to be considered.”

While the rejection letter is actually fictional, Copeland told the NY Times, “that it accurately encapsulated the resistance she had faced throughout her career.”

Other ads in the campaign will feature Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, soccer player Kelley O’Hara, tennis-player Sloane Stephens and surfer Brianna Cope.

The ad was created by Droga5, New York and directed by Johnny Green for Reset.

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Coke Zero’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Generator Will Leave You in Stitches

Coke Zero - Ugly Sweater Generator

The ugly Christmas sweater has become as much a part of the modern holiday season as secret Santas, awkward office party passes and those reindeer antlers that people put on their cars.

What started as an ironic statement about ’80s holiday fashion has since gone mainstream now with dozens of online sites and trendy boutiques offering up the best of the worst ugly holiday sweaters.

Coca-Cola and it’s agency Droga5 have jumped all over the trend and have launched the Coke Zero Sweater Generator. Customize your sweater by choosing the color, patterns and decorative elements.

Whether you decorate your sweater with porpoises, snow cobras, dinosaurs or roasted turkeys, you’ll want to share your creation with your friends. The top 100 vote getters by December 1 will actually have their sweater produced just in time for the holidays.

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New Prudential Ad Follows the Sunrise Across the US

This ad was Creativity’s online pick of the day for June 1. An inspiring new ad for Prudential shows the sunrise at several spots across the US on one morning. The entire ad was shot on one day during a three-hour period using 100 cameras to track one continuous sunrise from coast to coast.

The agency is Droga5 and the production company was directed by Ringan Ledwidge of Smuggler.