Yachtwear Company Promotes Lifejacket Safety With Terrifying Drowning Simulation

Guy Cotten - Sortie en Mer

I am far more comfortable with both my two legs firmly planted on terra firma, so the prospect of trying to remain alive in the middle of the ocean is a terrifying thought.

Sortie En Mer (A Trip Out to Sea), an interactive website created by CLM BBDO for French Yachtwear company Guy Cotten wants to make people more aware of lifejacket safety.

Your character Julien gets accidentally knocked overboard after handing over the helm to inexperienced sailor Charles. Now it’s your job to stay alive by using your scrolling wheel or ‘up’ arrow to stay afloat.

The cruel lesson is that no matter how hard you try you will eventually drown unless you are wearing a life jacket. Very effective.

[via The Verge]