Honda Promotes N-ONE with a Smartphone Case Featuring Airbags

Honda Smartphone Case N

I’ve owned some form of mobile phone for almost 12 years now, and despite that length of experience I still drop the damn thing at least once a day. Thankfully I’ve avoided any serious damage to the phone thanks to a $20 plastic case.

To promote the Honda N-WGN — a light automobile produced specifically for the Japanese market — engineers at the car maker (apparently with lots of free time on their hands) have created the ultimate safe smartphone case. The (apparently) working, yet bulky prototype deploys a series of airbags when dropped.

According to the video, an accelerator detects when the smartphone is falling, and within 0.2 seconds gas is released from a C02 cartridge inflating the 6 airbags contained within the case.

Last year, Honda created a 1:1 cardboard model of the N-ONE that dedicated fans could download, print and assemble.

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Honda Promotes Mobile App With Tribute to Aryton Senna Using Just Data, Sound and Light

Sound of Honda - Aryton Senna 1989

Sound by Honda is a mobile app created by internavi lab as part of Honda’s Dots (Design Our Transportation Story), a two way information and communications service. the app leverages the smartphones GPS and accelerometer allowing a user to experience the sound of several Honda cars including the Acura NSX-R, S800, Civic R, NII360 Town and the McLaren Honda MP4/5.

To promote the app Honda used telemetry data collected during legendary Honda/McLaren driver Aryton Senna‘s record-setting qualifying lap at the 1989 F1 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka.

The data collected from the car’s onboard telemetry was used to create the experience of sound and light. Speakers and lights were placed around the Suzuka Circuit along the path that Senna’s car drove on that day, and once night fell the record-setting lap was brought to life using a trail of light and the scream of the Honda/McLaren’s engine.

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Speed Up Your Yardwork with a 130mph Honda Mean Mower

Honda UK & Top Gear Mean Mower

Back in May, the folks at Top Gear had an idea to create an enhanced version of your everyday ride-on lawnmower. Honda UK and Team Dynamics, who campaign Honda Racing’s Civics in the British Touring Car Championship, took up the challenge.

They began with Honda’s regular HF2620 Lawn Tractor, and re-engineered the mower from the ground up using an all-new fabricated chassis made from 4130 chromoly, added custom-built suspension, ATV wheels, and a steering rack taken from a Morris Minor. The engine was swapped out for a 1.0 liter engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm, the grass bag provided space for a bigger fuel tank and a high capacity oil cooler and a water cooling radiator were added.

While the Honda Mean Mower can top out at 130mph (209 km/h) on the track (here’s a video featuring Top Gear’s Stig), it still needs to be driven at a more neighbourhood-friendly speed of 15mph when actually cutting grass.

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Download, Print and Assemble a Life-Size Paper Version of Honda’s N-One

Honda N-One Paper Crafts

Get out your scissors and gluesticks, this may just be the ultimate project for the crafty crafter.

To promote the new Honda N-One, Honda and ad agency Denstu created a model kit that can be printed, cut-out and assembled as a cardboard and paper 1:1 scale version of the car.

But, why just watch the video when you can assemble one yourself. The Honda N-One model kit is available for download in 1:1 scale, or for those with more realistic ambitions a 1:9 scale model is also available. The 1:9 version even comes with a full interior for you to assemble!


Honda Surprises Up-and-Coming Band with Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Honda - Monsters Calling Home

As part of their ongoing ‘Honda Loves You Back‘ campaign, Honda loved back up and coming LA-band Monsters Calling Home by surprising them with an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The band – who had shot a video for ‘Fight to Keep‘ completely inside their own Honda Accord, CR-V and Fit back in the spring – had been told that they would get a chance to play in front of several hundred Honda executives.

After they had set up their instruments on stage they were told that an important meeting had gone late and there would be no performance. At the request of the event coordinator, the band agrees to perform one song anyway and they take the stage. Soon they are interrupted and the truth is revealed. There never really was a concert for executives and the band will instead be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live just across the street.

What they had thought was their worst gig ever, turned into a fantastic opportunity for the band.

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