Realistic Polar Bear Roams London to Promote New TV Show Fortitude

No one could blame Londoners for reacting in shock to the site of a very realistic, life size polar bear wandering through the streets of the city. The stunt was organized by agency Taylor Herring, and the polar bear was created by special effects company Millenium FX. The ‘puppet’ was operated by Tom Wilton and Derek Arnold, who had both worked on the production of War Horse.

The stunt was coordinated to promote the premiere of a new TV crime drama Fortitude, set in a small Arctic town where the polar bears may out number the humans.


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Air Canada Surprises Expats in London Pub with Flights Home for the Holidays

It’s not uncommon to hear about airlines bringing tears to people’s eyes. But, that’s usually the result of being bumped from a flight, getting gouged with unexpected fees or just bad customer service.

It couldn’t have been easy for Air Canada to watch WestJet Airlines’ holiday video viral success, the most recent effort “WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving” released just this past weekend with 1.5 million views so far. This morning Air Canada has responded with a sentimental video effort of their own.

In the clip two Air Canada pilots visit the Maple Leaf – a London pub popular with expat Canadians – and reward everyone there with round-trip tickets back home to Canada for the holidays.

The stunt and clip were developed by JWT Canada and promoted through PR and social.

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London Creative Shop Designs Wrapping Paper Inspired by Cold & Flu Viruses

WCRS Wrap-up Project

With cases of homelessness in the UK increasing by 31% in the last two years, London creative agency WCRS looks to raise awareness of the issue with The Wrap-Up Project.

With the onset of winter, people living on the street become even more vulnerable to sickness. With that in mind, the agency has created a series of colourful Christmas wrapping papers which feature graphical representations of the viruses for the common cold, influenza and pneumonia as snowflakes.

The papers are available on ebay in packs of 3 (£8), 5 (£12.50) or 10 (£24), with all proceeds supporting the work of London charity St Mungo’s, which helps people transition to a new life off the streets.

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British Airways Digital Billboards React to Aircraft Flying Overhead

British Airways - 'Magic of Flying' Digital Billboards

This outdoor digital billboard created for British Airways by Ogilvy 12th Floor is certainly an inspired example of real-time advertising.

The digital billboards — part of the airline’s ‘Magic of Flying’ campaign — are located in Chiswick and Piccadilly and interact with British Airways aircraft flying overhead.

The billboards use custom-built surveillance technology, that track the plane flying overhead, interrupting the normal rotation of the billboard with an image of a child pointing at the plane as it passes over.

The billboard displays the flight number and the destination it’s arriving from, along with information such as the lowest available fare or the temperature at that location.

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