Billboard in Brazil Attracts and Kills Virus-Carrying Mosquitos

Mosquito Killing Billboard

A billboard on the streets of Rio de Janeiro is not meant to attract the eyeballs of people passing by, but to attract and kill millions of mosquitoes, which could be carrying Zika or other dangerous viruses.

The billboard was designed by Posterscope and Brazilian ad agency NBS, who have released the technical specs online for free under a Creative Commons license, with hopes that others will build their own devices.

The billboard can attract mosquitoes from 2.5 kilometers away by emitting a lactic-laced mist combined with CO2, that mimics human odor, sweat and breath. Once inside the sign, the insects are trapped, become hydrated and eventually die.

[via Motherboard]


Mosquito Report App Gives Swedes the Latest Buzz on the Outdoors

Thermocell - Swedish Mosquito ReportIf there’s one thing that Canada and Sweden share besides short summers, it’s the bugs especially mosquitoes. Who hasn’t come back from a picnic, camping trip or even an evening on the back deck covered with legs and arms covered in itchy mosquito bites. Wouldn’t it be great to know what the mosquito conditions are before you head out.

In Sweden, Thermacell, a maker of mosquito repellent devices may have a solution with their Myggrapporten (Mosquito Report) iPhone app. Users of the app can report the mosquito conditions at their location, helping others who will be visiting that spot help prepare.

The app is ready to make recommendations about the type of mosquito repellent device that will help with the reported conditions. It quickly became one of the most popular apps in the Swedish Appstore.

This app is only a hint at what we see in the next few years with users reporting weather, traffic (or mosquito) conditions at their present location. Sensors that attach, plugin or are built-in to mobile devices will make self-reporting easier.

The app was created by Stockholm agency Deportivo.