Bicycle Designed to Demonstrate the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Grey Australia has come up ‘This Bike has MS’, a unique campaign to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and promote the upcoming MS Melbourne Cycle charity race.

The agency partnered with Paralympian cyclist Carol Cooke, and a team consisting of neurologists, physiotherapists, a team of bike-building experts from Mottainai Cycles and people with MS to create a bicycle that when ridden, demonstrates symptoms of the disease.

The bike was constructed using heavier-than-usual materials, the frame and forks have unusual bends that unbalances the rider, teeth have been purposely removed from the sprockets to make changing gears unpredictable, and ball bearings have been placed under the handlebar tape to create an uncomfortable grip.

This bike has multiple sclerosis

via Campaign Brief

Marks & Spencer Creates Blooming QR Code Billboard for Mother’s Day Deals

Marks & Spencer - Blooming QR Code

Shoppers at Westfield White City shopping centre were given the opportunity to win flowers for a year from Marks and Spencer by scanning a QR code on a billboard made up of 9,457 flowers.

The 5×3 metre billboard, which took 179 hours to complete, was designed by CURB media and developed by the creative team at Profero. Once the promotion is done and the billboard is taken the down, the flowers will be turned into compost.

[via Campaigns & Coffee]