Air New Zealand Celebrates a Very Kiwi Christmas with Larger-Than-Life Tree

To celebrate the holidays Air New Zealand employees traveled to the Otaga Peninsula on the east coast of the country’s south island. There they used lights and giant decorations to transform one of the local basalt rock formations, known as Little Pyramid into a larger-than-life Christmas tree.

There may not have been snow, reindeer or a sleight, but Santa Claus arrived driving a tractor with a wagon load of children from the local Portobello school.

The video was put together by Host Sydney and shot by Two Bearded Men.

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Ex-Split Enz & Dragon Band Members Promote iPhone Controlled Hearing Aid

ReSound Linx

With one of the most common causes of hearing loss being the exposure to loud noises, it’s not surprising that German researchers determined that professional musicians are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. And it’s not just rock musicians like Ozzy Osbourne or Pete Townsend that suffer hearing loss, a Finnish study found that 15 percent of the musicians suffered from permanent tinnitus versus 2 percent of the general population.

Auckland agency Augusto drafted in two famous New Zealand musicians – Mike Chunn of Split Enz/Citizen band and Todd Hunter of Dragon – as ambassadors for the ReSound LiNX, an iPhone-controlled hearing aid system.

The perspective of the two musicians is a refreshing change from the typical “As Seen on TV” product infomercials featuring a fragile senior citizen struggling to hear their grandchildren.

ReSound LiNX User Experience – Mike Chunn

ReSound LiNX User Experience – Todd Hunter

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New Zealand Shoe Store Brings Cinderella to Life with Shoe Giveaway

Number One Shoes - Fairy Tale Shoe Giveaway

In a campaign inspired by the story of Cinderella, New Zealand’s Number One Shoes had women (and their boyfriends) racing around Auckland looking for packages containing a single-shoe. Live clues to the shoes locations were shared by bloggers and on Twitter and Facebook. Those people who found the box could bring it into the store’s Albany location to redeem for a free pair.

While the tag on the box says that the shoe should fit, I’m sure a few people managed to squeeze their feet into the shoes for the offer of a free pair.

The campaign was managed by Auckland PR agency Starseed.

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New Zealand’s Hell Pizza Courts Controversy With Rabbit Pelt Billboard

Hell Pizza - Rabbit Pizza

No stranger to controversy, New Zealand’s Hell Pizza is capturing attention around the world thanks to a billboard covered with the pelts of hundreds of rabbits. The billboard advertises the pizza chain’s new Rabbit Pizza made with smoked New Zealand wild rabbit.

The brand’s Facebook page clarified that the rabbit skins were obtained from an animal tanning company, who sourced them from local meat processing companies.

Despite the clarification, the billboard is drawing lots of negative reaction on the brand’s Facebook page.

The ad was created by Auckland agency Barnes Catmur & Friends.


Young Couple Show Off Their Cardboard Box Home in New Kiwibank Ad

Kiwibank - Life in Paperdale

As a kid, one of the most fun experiences I can remember was being handed a large empty cardboard box that our family’s new freezer had just arrived in. My mind exploded with possibilities for the box.

I used my mother’s best steak knives to carve out doors, a windshield and a pair of super-groovy teardrop protholes to create a ‘sweet’ 1970s-style van. The van lasted through several imaginary road trips, but met with a soggy end after a hard summer rain.

In a new ad (that reminded me of that story) from Kiwibank targeting first-time home buyers, we meet Sally and Simon Brown, a young couple who have created their dream home made entirely from cardboard boxes and a lot of packing tape. The couple were undeterred when one of the walls blew away on a windy night. They simply went down to the supermarket and got a new one.

With the introduction of a law that prospective home buyers must have a 20% deposit to take out a mortgage, and the ad hopes to encourage them to work with Kiwibank to find creative ‘out-of-the-box’ ways to make their dream come true.

The ‘Life in Peperdale’ ad was created by the Assignment Group, and directed by Jason Stutter of Spooky Pictures.

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