Newcastle Commuters Join Pianist to Create a Bus Station Sonata

Arts Council_of England - Bus Station Sonata

In a project to help introduce classical music to a wider audience, commuters passing through Newcastle’s Haymarket Bus Station were asked to sit in with pianist, Andy Jackson and contribute a few notes to create a collaborative performance of Beethoven’s moonlight Sonata.

The installation was conceived by Newcastle artist Anton Hecht, and funded by The Arts Council of England and the Tyne and Wear area bus company Nexus.

[via Meme Machine]


Newcastle Brown Ale Creates Shadow Art Billboard With 3000 Bottle Caps

Newcastle Brown Ale Shadow ArtTwo New York artists have used over 3000 Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps to create this great piece of shadow art.

The billboard is part of the “The Lighter Side of Dark’ campaign created by ad agency Vitro, and is displayed in the Gaslamp district of San Diego this summer.

When seen in the day the small billboard looks like an unusual piece of artwork with random stacks of beer bottle caps nailed to its surface. Once the sun goes down and a spotlight is directed across it’s surface the artwork comes to life.

To see more of this type of shadow art check out these examples by Tim Noble and Sue Webster who create their art from strategically constructed piles of garbage.