Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi Are Marcia and Jan Brady in Snickers’ Super Bowl Ad

While my favourite Snickers ad will probably always be the one starring Joe Pesci and Don Rickles, a new ad to be broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl may be a close second.

Using the successful formula of; “you’re not you when you’re hungry”, BBDO, New York recreated a clip from the classic Brady Bunch episode where Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football thrown by her brother. In the updated clip, Danny Trejo plays the cranky Marcia and Steve Buscemi makes a surprise appearance as the oft-neglected Jan.

Be sure to watch the “Making Of” video embedded below to see how the director Jim Jenkins and O Positive recreated the Brady’s living room, and how they were able to map the faces of Mike and Carol Brady onto the faces of two modern-day stand-ins.

Snickers – The Making of The Brady Bunch

[via Hollywood Reporter / AdWeek]

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Snickers and NFL Films Present ‘The Man Who Played Literally Hungry’

Snickers - The Man Who Played Literally HungryOn a snow-covered field in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day 1993 the Cowboys played host to the Miami Dolphins. With Dallas ahead and just 15 seconds go Miami attempted a field goal, the kick was blocked. The Dallas players avoided touching the ball and would have been able to regain possession and run out the clock, except defensive tackle Leon Lett attempted to recover the ball and slipped. Miami recovered the football and successfully kicked a field goal to win the game. The play is frequently included in highlight reels of Sports Blunders.

Snickers and BBDO New York have partnered with NFL Films to create the tongue-in-cheek documentary ‘The Man Who Literally Played Hungry‘. The mockumentary reveals that on that fateful day in Dallas day, Leon misunderstood his coach’s instructions to play hungry and he literally played hungry. Leon claims that he was so hungry that be began to see crazy things like Leprechauns, dancing miniature donkeys. He further explains that he thought the ball was a Snickers bar and inside there would be delicious peanuts. I can see that.

18 years later Snickers is providing an opportunity for fans to finally “forgive Leon”. If Leon can reach 25,000 ‘forgives’ (through clicking the ‘Like’ button) Snickers will honour him in person at this year’s rematch of the Dolphins and Cowboys. With less than two months to go til the game, he’s only 3,000 forgives on the way to the target.

A review of the comments section reveals that most people are ready to forgive Leon, but not NFL.com for the Snickers pop-up ads on the site.