Skippy the Robot Promotes Sun Valley With Remote Control Stone-Skipping

Skippy the Rock Skipping Robot

It’s rare for me to stroll pass a calm body of water and not want to stop and skip a few stones across the surface. I’m lucky enough to live a short walk away from the Credit River, Port Credit Harbour and Lake Ontario… now if I can just find some super smooth stones along the shore for that perfect skip.

For those stone-skippers trapped in the city away from the water, Skippy the Stone Skipping Robot is available to help. This week Skippy has been positioned at the edge of a small lake in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he can be operated by remote control in real-time by users around the world. But, you’ll have to catch Skippy during the daylight, as he’s apparently afraid of the dark.

The site also features an opportunity to win a vacation to Sun Valley by packing your getaway car with activities such as fly fishing, white water rafting and a night in a Coyote Yurt. (yes, I had to look it up too)

The Skip Town campaign was created by San Francisco agency Eleven.