Samsung’s Dunbar Edge Experiment asks, which Facebook friends can you really count on?

Robin Dunbar, professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University is well-known for his theory that, even in the age of Facebook, the number of people that a person can naturally have a personal relationship with tops out around 150. He further theorizes that 15 out of this group are seen as close friends and only 5 of these are people you feel you can truly rely on.

Samsung Sweden puts this theory to the test with the Dunbar Edge Experiment. Professor Dunbar asks you to consider which of your Facebook friends who can help you out of 5 different scenarios.

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

Samsung Dunbar Edge Experiment

The product connection is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE allows you to access your five most important contacts from the edge of the device’s screen. In the end, you may be facing the harsh realization that you need to connect with a more reliable group of friends.

The site was created by DDB Stockholm.

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Swedish Cancer Society Raises Skin Cancer Awareness with Shaded Soccer Pitch

Cancerfonden - Play in the Shade

One thing Canadians can certainly relate to with the Swedish is how we both endure long, cold winters (especially, this last one). At our first taste of sunshine we begin peeling off the layers of winter clothes and letting the bright sunshine warm our skin. However, exposure to that sun brings along its own risks to our health.

The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that 6,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer) in 2014, with 1,050 expected to die from the disease. Another 76,100 are expected to be diagnosed with less-serious forms of skin cancers.

With cases of melanoma having doubled in Sweden since the year 2000, Cancerfonden (The Swedish Cancer Society) developed “Play in the Shade”, a campaign to raise awareness of the sun’s exposure, especially during the middle of the day.

A shaded soccer pitch was constructed with areas of the cover made transparent, allowing the sun to create the lines on the playing field. The lines on the field were visible between 11 am and 3 pm, when the sun is at its strongest.

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Volkswagen Surprises Pedestrians with a Beat Boxing Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen E-Up Beatbox

Over the years we’ve become accustomed to sound of traditional gas-powered vehicles, but electric vehicles run relatively silent at low speeds making them a potential danger to blind or the disabled. Earlier this year the US government required that all EVs produce some kind of sound until they reach 17 mph. Exactly what those sounds will end up being has been open to debate and creative thinking.

Interactive agency DDB Tribal used the silent-running Volkswagen E-Up to demonstrate one creative solution involving vocalist and beatbox artist Fatih Sahin.

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‘You’ll Never Wear that Again’ App Searches Your Old Facebook Pics for Clothes to Donate

Stockholm Stadmission

To help encourage people to donate second-hand clothing to Stockholm’s Stadmission (City Mission), DDB Stockholm created “You’ll never wear that again“, a Facebook app that searches for older photos in your Facebook albums for items that you probably don’t wear anymore.

Select 9 pictures that show you wearing something that you no longer use and save them to a gallery to share with your Facebook friends. The app then shows where you can go to drop off your extra clothing items, and give them a new life.


Swedish Family Exchanges Peaceful Sleep Spots in IKEA ‘Night Walkers’ Ad

IKEA Night Walkers

IKEA’s newest ad features a Swedish family that just wants to get a few minutes of peaceful sleep… and some personal space.

Whether it’s dad waking up in the car, mom in the bathtub, or the family dog in the kid’s bed, everyone has colorful, fresh IKEA sheets, pillows and comforters to keep them warm.

It’s too bad IKEA didn’t make pants.

The ‘Night Walkers’ ad is Stockholm-based agency Akestam Holst’s first work for the iconic Swedish brand. The spot was directed by Jesper Ericstam for Social Club.

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