Mark’s Transit Ads Promote Discounts Based on the Day’s Forecasted Low Temperature

Mark's Temperature Discounts

Weather in the Toronto area this January has been downright frigid, but that’s good news for shoppers as the colder it gets outside the more they can save at Mark’s Work Wearhouse stores. A daily discount is tied to the day’s forecasted low, with a -15 C reading earning people a 15% discount.

The discounts are being promoted on 40 digital displays that display the real-time temperature pulled from data for downtown Toronto from World Weather Online.

The campaign was created by Mark’s agency Sid Lee working directly with Astral Out-of-Home on the execution.

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Ski Resort Gives Away a Truck Load of the White Stuff in #SendMeSnow Contest

Brimacombe - #sendmesnow

The weather during the Christmas holiday in Southern Ontario were definitely not winter like this year. Rain, fog and temperatures approaching 10 C guaranteed that no one in the area would be experiencing a white Christmas.

But Brimacombe Ski Resort, located 45 minutes east of Toronto, managed to deliver the next best thing to Jackie Robinson and her family, thanks to a large dump truck full of man-made snow collected from the ski hill.

The #SendMeSnow contest rules were simple. Provide a compelling reason why you should be sent a load of snow, and live within 150km of Brimacombe.

On December 23, the large truck backed up to the Bowmanville family’s front lawn and dumped 25 yards of snow on the green grass, providing a winter playground for Robinson’s kids and their friends. A simple idea, well executed by the team at Brimacombe.

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Body Waxing Bar Takes Coupon Rip-Off Campaign to the Streets of Toronto

Fuzz Wax Bar - Street Rip-off

During the recent Pride Week festivities in Toronto, a Fuzz Wax Bar promotion proved to be real “rip-off”. Wax strips that doubled as coupons (with directions to the salon) were attached to the still-hairy (for the moment) bodies of a very brave male model. People passing by were invited to then “rip-off” one of the coupons for a 25 discount on their next waxing.

As seen in the video, the waxing strips are colour-coded based on the sensitivity of their location on the body.

Watching the clip brought back memories of watching Steve Carell’s famous chest-waxing scene in the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Unlike Carell’s movie character, the coupon-covered male model doesn’t resort to random obscenities or invoking the name of Kelly Clarkson.

The campaign was created and executed by Toronto’s Lowe Roche.

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World Vision Canada’s Hard-Hitting Campaign Against Child Slavery

World Vision Canada - No Child for Sale

At first, I didn’t quite no what I was seeing as I looked up from what I was doing. On the TV I saw a small child being advertised for sale on what looked like a shopping channel.

By the time I had found the remote and turned on the sound, the logo for World Vision Canada appeared and what I was seeing began to make some sense. What doesn’t make sense is the daunting statistic that every year over 1.2 million children around the world are sold into slavery. Find out more about child slavery and how you can help at

The campaign came to life with a stunt executed at Pam Chorley’s Fashion Crimes in Toronto and at Vancouver’s Crocodile Baby. Word of a secret sale brought people and press to the sidewalk in front of both stores, where paper covering the windows was removed to reveal a shocking display of child actors portraying child labourers sewing and breaking bricks.

The media and creative come from KBS+P Canada Toronto-based Real Interactive.

No Child Should Ever Be For Sale TV Campaign

The Making of ‘No Child Should Ever Be For Sale’

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