Top Cat’s Back and Applying for a Mortgage in New Ad for Halifax Bank

Halifax Bank - Top Cat

Classic Hanna-Barbera character Top Cat (or T.C. as he’s known to friends) appears in a new ad for Halifax Bank. In the ad Top Cat and Benny visit a Halifax branch to apply (more like beg) for a mortgage to replace their home.

You’d think everything would quickly go south when they did a credit check, but luckily for the gang, all is good and soon they’re living large in a new multi-storey trash can. Officer Dribble is not amused.

the ad was created by adam&eveDDB and was directed by Dom & Nic of Outsider.

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Realistic Polar Bear Roams London to Promote New TV Show Fortitude

No one could blame Londoners for reacting in shock to the site of a very realistic, life size polar bear wandering through the streets of the city. The stunt was organized by agency Taylor Herring, and the polar bear was created by special effects company Millenium FX. The ‘puppet’ was operated by Tom Wilton and Derek Arnold, who had both worked on the production of War Horse.

The stunt was coordinated to promote the premiere of a new TV crime drama Fortitude, set in a small Arctic town where the polar bears may out number the humans.


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UK Wine Retailer Recommends the Best Wine to Pair with Insect Snacks

Laithwaite's Wine Insect Pairing

If you’ve ever been sitting outside watching a grasshopper hop by and pondered the question, “What kind of wine would taste good with that little green bugger?”, then UK wine retailer Laithwaite’s has the information that you need in a recent post on the brand’s blog. For example, I had no idea that crickets have a nutty flavour that’ll match nicely with a rich full-bodied white wine.

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George Clooney Joins Downton Abbey Cast for Text Santa Campaign

In a skit inspired by ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ the cast of Downton Abbey are joined by special guests in support of iTV’s Text Santa campaign. In the clip we see that Lord Crawley is again facing possible financial ruin, and an angel, Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) of Absolutely Fabulous fame provides him with an alternate view of life on the estate without him.

The next thing you know the estate is being overrun with Americans. Mr Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) arrives bearing gifts of undergarments from his London department store, and George Clooney appears as George Oceans Gravity, Marquis of Hollywood.

Soon there’s umbrellas in drinks, strip poker in the kitchen (you cannot unsee Mosley’s tattoos), and a post-Edwardian group selfie.

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