Chevrolet Posts Little Red Corvette Tribute to Prince

Chevrolet Little Red Corvette - Prince

While Prince’s 1983 hit ‘Little Red Corvette’ was not completely about a hot sportscar (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). Chevrolet shared an image of a 1963 split-window Corvette on social media and followed it up by placing full page ads in The New York Times, the Detroit Free Press, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today and Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I am no fan of brands jumping into events like Prince’s death despite their motive, but Chevrolet’s effort seems a bit more thought out and connected the tone deaf efforts by Cheerios and Hamburger Helper.

The creative is from Chevrolet’s ad agency Commonwealth/McCann.

Christie Brinkley reprises Vacation’s ‘Blond in a Red Convertible’ role for Infiniti

There’s no Family Truckster or Chevy Chase in this ad for Infiniti QX60, but that doesn’t stop a seemingly timeless Christie Brinkle – reprising her role from 1981’s National Lampoon’s Vacation , from turning the head of the driver.

At the wheel of the SUV is another actor with a connection to the Vacation movies; Ethan Embry, who played Rusty Griswold in Vegas Vacation. Fans of the first Vacation movie will remember Rusty was played by Anthony Michael Hall.

Agency: CP+B
Client: Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.

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UNO NYC Music App Only Streams While Users are on the Williamsburgh Bridge


Created by agency Sid Lee in partnership with designer Eric Hu, the W.B.B.R. app streams music curated by electronic dance label UNO NYC.

But you can’t just listen to the app anywhere, the app only streams music while you are on the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, playing an upbeat track while and a more chilled track while going down. New tracks will be added daily from the roster of UNO artists including Mykki Blanco, Feral, Dutch E. Germ and Gobby.

Agency: Sid Lee

via Sid Lee

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Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi Are Marcia and Jan Brady in Snickers’ Super Bowl Ad

While my favourite Snickers ad will probably always be the one starring Joe Pesci and Don Rickles, a new ad to be broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl may be a close second.

Using the successful formula of; “you’re not you when you’re hungry”, BBDO, New York recreated a clip from the classic Brady Bunch episode where Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football thrown by her brother. In the updated clip, Danny Trejo plays the cranky Marcia and Steve Buscemi makes a surprise appearance as the oft-neglected Jan.

Be sure to watch the “Making Of” video embedded below to see how the director Jim Jenkins and O Positive recreated the Brady’s living room, and how they were able to map the faces of Mike and Carol Brady onto the faces of two modern-day stand-ins.

Snickers – The Making of The Brady Bunch

[via Hollywood Reporter / AdWeek]

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Budweiser Goes Back to the Lab for 2015 Super Bowl Ad ‘Lost Dog’

Budweiser has released their 2015 Super Bowl, ad and as expected they’ve revisited last year’s well received “Puppy Love” ad. In this effort, directed by RSA’s Jake Scott, the wayward pup gets lost after stowing away inside a horse trailer headed for the city.

The familiar music in the ad is a slowed-down version of ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by the Proclaimers, performed by Chicago-based Sleeping at Last.

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