WestJet Brings Christmas Miracle to a Small Dominican Republic Village

In 2013 WestJet ‘nailed it’ with the video ‘WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving‘, which featured passengers telling a blue-suited Santa Claus what gifts they would like for Christmas. While the flight was in the air, WestJet employees on the ground scrambled to find all the gifts, surprising the passengers upon arrival.

Since being posted the video has amassed over 36 million views, and won two Cannes Lions for agency studio m.

This year, WestJet and studio m brought the Christmas Miracle concept to the small community of Nuevo Renacer, near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Since 2012, WestJet and its employees have worked in the area with Canadian charity Live Different to build new homes for several deserving families.

Why We Did It

[via WestJet blog]


WestJet Introduces Child-Free Cabins with Kargo Kids Program

WestJetThis morning Richard Bartrem, VP Communication at WestJet Airlines introduced a new service that comes as welcome news to exhausted parents and short-tempered airline customers.

The airline is introducing child-free cabins at select WestJet flights through a program called Kargo Kids. WestJet customer service agents will help parents load their kids into specially designed ‘travel toboggans’, and can relax as their children are whisked away on a magic carpet ride.

On board Kargo Kids Kounselors (I imagine it’s pelled with a ‘K’ also) will keep your kids entertained with plenty of toys and a state-of-the-art feed trough. Your kids will arrive safely along with the luggage and other kids at your travel destination.

But, don’t get too excited about booking those child-free flights just yet. If you look at the calendar you’ll notice today is April Fool’s day.

However, it is no joke that WestJet is offering people using the LOL12 promo code an extra 10% off on bookings made before April 3, 2012. More details on the deal at westjet.com/kargokids.