TakeThisLollipop.com Will Send You Running to Lock Your Doors

NOTE: The original TakeThisLollipop.com site has been disabled. The video trailer embedded above gives you a brief glimpse of the experience.

Take This LollipopIf you’ve ever been concerned that weirdos are stalking your Facebook profiles, this interactive experience will do nothing to help you sleep easier at night. The TakeThisLollipop.com site features a grungy background with a blue lollipop and the words ‘I Dare You’ displayed underneath and a button to ‘Connect to Facebook’.

Once you’ve ‘allowed’ the site to access your Facebook profile, you’ll find yourself viewing the hallway of a dirty, dark hallway of a spooky looking building. The camera moves into a room and approaches a creepy-looking man tapping away at a computer keyboard. As you see a closeup of his screen, he is logging into Facebook… your Facebook!

I’ll let you experience what happens next for yourself, but you may end up logging off Facebook, locking the doors and hiding in the closet for a few days.

While no one is sure exactly what (if anything) the experience is promoting yet, the creative mind behind it, TV, digital and music video director Jason Zada did reveal himself on Twitter. Jason was the creative mind behind EVB and spearheaded such innovative interactive campaigns such as Office Depot’s Elf Yourself and David on Demand. He’s now with the production company Tool America.

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